5 Gift Ideas to Finish Your Christmas Shopping Early AF

1. Shine Gift Voucher You don’t know EXACTLY what to get your sister because she’s fussy AF (except when she’s picking from your wardrobe) but you do know that she loves Shine clothes as much as you; so a gift voucher is a win-win.

Look at all the summer essentials yo- I mean, your sister could get.

2. Round Rattan Bag Let’s face it; this little bag is a summer ESSENTIAL that every girl wants in the cupboard for all the upcoming beach days. Wait, who were you shopping for again? Surely you can buy yourself a Christmas present too, right?

3. The Hungover Cookbook Maybe you need to give your best friend a little hint, or you drew your uncle in Secret Santa who always has one too many at Christmas lunch. This funny book will have everyone in stitches (and in the kitchen). Exclusively in store honeys.

4. One Way Ticket Back To Bali Oh sorry, I got distracted and thought I was making a wish list. Scratch that.

5. The Perfume Flower Or, as I like to call it, the everlasting flower (that’s some Beauty and the Beast type of romantic). Or maybe it’s just a super cute gift idea for your mum, or Nan because it’ll make them think of you every time they see or smell it, and that’s pretty sweet (just like you, for buying them such a cute gift.) Exclusively in store.

Pop in store honeys or browse Shine's online boutique to find all your Christmas gift needs; see you soon!

Love & Sparkles,

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